Monday, September 18

Banners & Minotaurs

Wow! What a good idea!

Have you ever wondered where all the advertising banners for art shows go when the shows are over?

Better Wall works with over 20 major art museums and sells them as large scale wall art (with portions of the proceeds going back to the museums). Any damaged banners are recycyled as raw materials and keep vinyl out of landfills, and you can feel good about that.

The stock is always changing (obviously) and is definitely limited edition.

Too bad the posters are 1. pretty banal, 2. covered in ad stuff (obviously), and 3. cost as much as the original artworks.


Beth Carter is a UK-based sculptor.

Monkey & Hare

Minotaur Sleeping

Bull & Jester

My second favorite: Minotaur Reading.
My favorite: Minotaur & Moth (The webpage is mis-labeled.)

More info, and many more sculptures here, here, here, and here.

The prices seem quite shockingly affordable. (You can get either two of those beat-up museum banners, or an original sculpture...)