Monday, February 16

Paul's 10.0

Previously on Baby Ruthless, I did a quick rundown of albums that Pitchfork awarded a 10.0.

Over the weekend, they gave the re-release of Paul's Boutique a 10.0. One of you wrote to me to see what I thought of that.

I'm fine with it. I think there's a clear cut case that the album had the sort of reach and influence that a 10.0 album should have. (And I can say that without, uh, um, actually ever having heard the album.) A definite 10.0.

Friday, February 13

Do svidaniya, svidaniya.

Check out this curiously poignant spam I just got:

SUBJECT: Want to laugh a little together?
From: Sophia

I greet you!

What is love? ? It is the morning and the evening star.

I like the life, the water, starlit heavens and the flush of the sea at the night. I am a female, honest, good, loyal, sincere, reliable woman. I'm very real what you see is what you get, and that’s a good thing.

I am looking for a man who knows it’s alright to show and verbalize what you feel, not only to your significant other but also in front of friends, strangers and family members. In other words my ideal man would be someone who is very real all of the time.

I am here http://[removed]

Do svidaniya
Sophia N