Thursday, March 19

Affluenza: March 20

Gorgeous spiral staircase from Jouin Manku
I love the nautilus effect.

Great illustration.

An Open Flame Is The New Bowl Of Rocks: John Beck Steel Fire Cube Garden
Part of a continuing series. Sticklers will note that the description specifically allows indoor use.

They make your sandwich look moldy and inedible.

"Oh my god, I have the greatest idea! Little thimbles made out of potato chips so you can stick your fingers in the dip!"
"That's genius! You'll make a million francs! The only way you'd possibly fail is if you, I don't know, did something dumb like make the thimbles full of holes..."

Carry On Diluting That Brand Name!: Chanel Segway
Part of a continuing series.

These are really nice, but why do they have to be "faux" cufflinks, aka button covers? Geesh.
I also really like these clever safety pin cufflinks.

by Paula Hayes

IT'S A LOG YOU IDIOTS: Part of a continuing series.
Ostrich Table (What in the hell?)

Noted without comment.

Blown glass creamer in the shape of a cardboard milk container.

This Week's Enthusiastically Incomprehensible NotCot Entry:

Yes! Now this is how you do "green" right, without coming across like inane sanctimonious yuppies.
Also good is this Diversity Of Species In The Rain Forest poster.

Jawdropping. Gorgeous. Prepare to spend some time on this site...twenty minutes looking at the luggage, the rest of your life regretting the choices you've made that makes buying them impossible.

I think it's time for a new Continuing Series here at Affluenza. Introducing:
I Don't Wear Clever T-Shirts But If I Did I'd Wear This One
Hmm. The title needs some tweaking, but you get the idea.
Here's the inaugural entry: Special, by Wire&Twine. (Younger readers click here if confused.)

PICK OF THE WEEK: Exactitudes
You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.