Thursday, November 30

Hot Videos Of Tranny Action

A quick addendum to my earlier music video post.

Cyn reminded me of this great video for The New Pornographer's "Sing Me Spanish Techno," starring Juanita More and Michael Venus, legendary drag queens from San Francisco and Vancouver, respectively. (Apparently I know a lot about drag queens?)

Those of you in the know...who is that bartender? That's gotta be a cameo...

And, to tie it back into my earlier post, here's the similar, but way more eerie, video for The Knife's "Pass This On."The lead singer of The Knife (uh, not the ladydude in the video, but the girl at the very end) is featured in the Royksopp video that I (and Cyn!) recently posted.

Thursday, November 23

from Ghost Tantras, by Michael McClure

It was all O.K.
I suffered.
There were scents, and flowers, and textures, beautiful women.
I was a handsome man. I invented love.
I radiated genius for those who saw me with loving eyes.
I was happy -- I laughed and cried. Constantly new
sights and sounds. I trembled and sweated
at the sight of beauty. I laughed at strong
things because I loved them -- wanting to kick them in
and make freedom. When I go I'M GONE.
Don't resurrect me
or the duplicates of my atoms.
It was perfect!
I am sheer spirit.

Tuesday, November 21

Oh Kristy, why can't I trust you?

I just got this fascinatingly complex bit of MySpace spam that I wanted to share with you guys. Needless to say, I've edited out the link:

Subject: Hey Johnny

Message: How's it goin? I'm Kristy, I just moved to the The New Orleans Diaspora area and I wanna meet a nice guy around here :). I moved here to Louisiana a couple of weeks ago for work and now that I'm here I have nobody to hang out with! I read your profile... You're cute and I liked what you had to say :).

I'm 25/F/single and I lookin for a guy who is a little bit older or more mature than me. You say you're 32 and you're cute so I guess you're qualified ;)

My friend Jen from back home suggested I tried using myspace to meet people in my area. I just signed up and my profile sux hehe. I do have a blog/profile page at [XXX] ... I have alot of photos and stuff up if you wanna see me ;)

I also left ya a personal message on my blog so come check it out k?

Lookin forward to chattin with ya,

What's interesting about this is that the spambot mined my profile in a very convincing way. It got my name, my age, my city AND my state, and integrated them seamlessly into the message. I might have been tricked enough to click on the link if it weren't for The New Orleans Diaspora (which I still have listed as my city, though this hasn't been true for over a year now.)

In fact, the spambot even knew that 32>25, and sent me the "guy who is a little bit older" version of the message. The fact that I'm now old enough to be targeted by Daddy Fantasy spam is too depressing to comment on right now.

I know that nothing in the message is very hard to pull off AT ALL--and in fact, some of you may have already seen a version of this a hundred times before--but I'm always impressed by something that's well done. Even spam, I guess.

Hey, they even got all their apostrophes in the right place.

Saturday, November 18

Royksopp Daisy Chain

Royksopp has an incredible--and incredibly creepy--new video:

" days..."

But then, Royksopp always has great videos...

Okay, well, this video isn't actually that great--I keep waiting for it to turn into a HP ad at the end--but I do love the song. Good luck getting that earwig out of your head anytime in the next three weeks.

That's Lee-no, not Len-o. Doesn't the little guy in this video look just like David Foster Wallace? Something about this video reminds me of Lambchop's beautiful "Is A Woman." And since I only need the slightest provocation to link to that:

It begins solemn and sad, then turns absurd, then surprises you with a "blink your eyes a few times and clear your throat" ending. This is my favorite video ever...I'm not going to be emo and claim that I choke up every single time I watch it, but almost always. This was directed by a design company called Shynola, who also did...

and also...

How would I even begin to describe what happens here? But I will say that, like the Lambchop video, it transcends its absurdity and becomes unexpectedly touching just at the end. (Or maybe it's just me.)

Okay, I didn't want to post this because we're really going off on a tangent here--believe it or not, I'm still talking about Royksopp--and also because I'm sure everyone reading this has seen this video before. But how can we talk about music videos whose endings touch you deeply and NOT post this?

Q: Blur or Oasis?
A: Pulp!

Ah, there we are. This video is fun and infographical (?), but I think it actually has a pretty profound message about how all of us fit into a larger picture. It makes an interesting companion to the very similar video for...

Your homework: compare and contrast this video with the "Remind Me" video above.

The girl floating around and singing in the original Royksopp video is the vocalist for the band The Knife, another Swedish group like Royksopp. These pictures don't do it justice, but The Knife has a genuinely unsettling live show. This video is pretty cruddy, but this is easily one of the best songs of whatever we end up calling this decade.

That last song sounded a little familiar, right? But you couldn't place it, maybe? That's because it was covered in an Iron & Wine-like fashion by Jose Gonzalez--who, despite his name, is also Swedish--and used to score this pretty popular commercial.

There's something really simple and profound and ultimately mysterious happening in this video, directed by the artist..the kiss, the rain, the food, and all leading up to the last shot.

Tuesday, November 7