Wednesday, June 7

Artistic Interpretations Of Literary Figures

Here's a great collection of comic (and other) artists conceptions of characters from literature, as well as portraits of various authors.

Artistic Interpretations Of Literary Figures

Here are some of my favorites:

Butch Adams - Frankenstein
Farel Dalrymple - Dostoevstky and Melville.
Al Davison - Don Quixote
Seth Fisher - The Lilliputians
Rick Geary - Wilkie Collins
Dan Green - Robert Lewis Stevenson
Tom Hart - Samuel Beckett
Fred Hembeck - Tom Sawyer and Becky Sharp
Stuart Immonen - Dorthy Parker
Jeffrey Jones - Kubla Kahn
Bob McLeod - Scarlett O'Hara and Mammy (amazing)
Darick Robertson - Holden Caulfield


Along the same lines, there's I Love Cartoons, a gallery of comic artists and their interpretations of classic cartoons.

My favorite is Seth Fisher's Marvin The Martian, but a lot of these are fantastic, like:
Stephanie Gladden - The Powerpuff Girls
Steve Hogan - a real rocker Josie
Ale Garza - Flintstones (awesome)
And, of course, Brak, by Ken Meyer, Jr.