Friday, December 29

Food Miles

The New York Times has their annual list of the year's buzzwords. Here are a few of my favorites:
Hummer House: an overly large single-family residence. Synonyms from earlier years are starter castle, faux chateau and McMansion.
[I'm so happy to have other ways of saying McMansion! - Johnny]

Internet courage: boldness of character that comes from the anonymity and distance inherent in Internet communication.

Katrina brain: forgetfulness, lack of concentration and failure to follow through on activities, characteristic of the post-traumatic stress of Hurricane Katrina.
[It's interesting that this, which is everyone's favorite excuse down here, has made it up to the New York Times...]

: a size of clothing smaller than zero, same as size 00.

vice mail: voice-mail messages disguised as confidential stock tips left on the wrong answering machine, a form of the pump-and-dump scam. More info.
[I'd never heard of this, but holy shit what a great and evil idea.]

: a fear of career-planning. Coined by John Krumboltz, a Stanford University professor.
[What? What?]


One last shameful note: until reading that article, I hadn't realized that one of the reasons everyone cracked up about Bush calling himself "the decider" was that it isn't actually a word. How embarrassing for me.