Thursday, January 25


I would like my music video to feature breakdancing...


That last video is for "Singin' In The Rain," which I just learned was by Mint Royale. Weird. I've known that version of the song for a couple of years now, when it was first used in that VW Golf commercial featuring David "Elsewhere" Bernal. Bernal was also featured in a Heineken ad, both as himself and, digitally, as all the other dancers in the spot.

More Mint Royale:

Blue Song
- If you're into British comedies, there are more than a few familiar faces in the video, and that's Captain Beefheart signing.

Don't Falter - Featuring the lead singer of Kenickie! I loved this song when it first came out, and I find the video to have an unforced sweetness about it.

Show Me - But this is by far my favorite Mint Royale track. Despite the fact that it sounds nothing at all like "Don't Falter," it's from the same album. Uh...was this really the video? Good job, guys.