Monday, August 13

Mine would be J. Wesley Rufflefur, a literary brown bear who charms his visitors with good-natured tall tales...

The PEANUTS gang, reimagined as anime characters:

NOTE NOTE NOTE: Though the content isn't furry, please note that these are links to a furry message board. (Totally SFW, though.)

Looking through their avatars, I'm struck by how many of their animal selves are portrayed as glib, flippant, and devil-may-care. In a word: cool. Other message boards feature avatars that make the participants seem like X-tr3m3 badasses or whimsical nostalgics, but furries seem to aspire to be something halfway in between: a rogue.

There's something really pitiful here, even more pitiful than being obsessed with anthropomorphic animals. On a basic level, these drama-inclined, marginalized, asthmatic, allergy-prone, wholly unloved nerds aspire to be...carefree.