Thursday, September 13


Esquire's yearly Best Dressed Real Men In America list is out, and most of them are super-boring. But! I love this guy:

Well, except for the moustache, of course. This picture is a lousy size--no website sucks like a magazine website sucks--so if you think about it next time you're at the store, look on page 180 of the Sean Penn issue of Esquire for the full image.


Speaking of that moustache, here's an idea for a new Letterman feature: What's The Deal With New Dandies And Handlebar Moustaches?

Also featured would be Lord Whimsy:

and Franz Nicolay, of The Hold Steady, et al:

and every third dude on Cobrasnake.


Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite, from Sgt Pepper, was based on a real mid-19th century circus poster Lennon found in an antique store: