Wednesday, October 17

Affluenza: October 17

Let's just assume that I approve of absolutely every single thing that Brocade Home sells:

Seriously, spend some time with this site. There are a few duds--the padded headboards, a few of the ottomans--but the overwhelming majority of Brocade's line is exactly what I look for.

The chairs! The laser-cut bureaus and headboards! The wallpaper...OBSERVE THE WALLPAPER!

The hardest part of looking at Brocade Home is trying to decide which five pieces you could get away with putting in your place. Because, really, more than that and you'll be living in some 65-year-old bachelor's house in Palm Springs. Ahem. If you get my drift.

(That is, a homosexual's house.)


BUSINESS IDEA: A guy's-only video game arcade, where men can relax with their bro's and drink a few beers and play Joust and maybe look at a few boobs. We'll call it The Brocade.


A straight-up gorgeous wool tie in charcoal:

Breaking off a solid hondo for a tie is Re. Tar. Ded, but if ever there was a tie that was worth it...


Speaking of ties, these chick ties are concerned with some "cat's tooth" fuckery...

...but sweet holy Jesus look at that mind-boggling outfit! You could measure the awesomeness of it with a SLIDE RULE. Forget the ties, can I just buy a print?

Ladies of Affluenza: this is your fall look, right here. This is what you're going for this autumn.


These faux fur water bottle covers are mildly amusing, I guess:

But I gotta say, their dedication is admirable. Most design firms would have made a quick leopard print and been done with it. But these guys have 21 (!) different furs to choose from.

Perfect for all the drag queens with hangovers in your life.


Smythe les Veste's mouth-watering Tulip Coat:


Most of the products on Fractalspin are too dorky, but I find this compass ring to be charmingly silly:

Everything else on the site looks like what Cory Doctorow would get his wife for an anniversary.


The Art Of Shaving--a product line I like but refuse to use because I hate their stupid fucking name--have expanded their line for women:

Cute packaging! Oh, and if you're curious, I use Anthony Logistics For Men shaving products:

and a Mach 3 Turbo.


Everyone is making fancy chocolate these days, but only Lagrange34 is producing truly mindblowing shapes:


Charm bracelet with adorably tiny tea party charms:


Endurance's Stainless Steel Butter Slicer:

For when you need your butter slices to be scientifically precise.


Usually if I can't link directly to an item I'm like "fuck it," especially with Flash sites. I don't want to be all "click on Houseware, then on Bedroom..." This is a link dump, not a scavenger hunt.

However, House of Cassette's 100% wool hooded cape is flawless enough to make an exception. Go here...

...and then scroll down to Item 14. Fantastic. The rest of their lookbook, if not just the rest of their site, is worth looking at, too.

(The cape is also perfect for when you need to play chess on a deserted beach with a Swede.)


La Murrina's glass chandeliers:

The first half of this page--the 31 or so traditional chandeliers--are among the most beautiful things I've ever featured on here.


New Blik designs:

Is not so gret aktually.


Here's that poster from the cover of a recent Domino:

I love how they insist that this poster is "Not for resale." That's cute, you guys.