Wednesday, September 12

Affluenza: September 12

Finally, designers are looking at the most important part of the house...the cereal bowl:

(Love these.)


Kanye West in Interior Design magazine:

"It's been my dream to be in Interior Design."

Apparently his landlord won't let him paint, either. I can totally relate,


The illustrations of Phillip Newsom:


Honeycomb Table Lamp

Fiddy bucks!


The mindblowing paper constructions of Carlo Giovanni:


The origami insects of Taketori:

Uh, despite the URL, I swear this is Safe For Work...


The Maxime Coat by Aquascutum:

Aquascutum is seriously the worst name ever. It's almost as bad as "Link Dump."


I like a nice straightforward blog title:


This "frame tape" is cute and clever. Too bad we can't get a close-up of what it really looks like.

is going on in that picture!? Is that Princess Leia and the dude from the Information Society, putting frame tape around a kid who is sticking to wall like Spiderman? In heaven!?


I'm pretty sure that frame tape was, uh, inspired by Stella Bugbee and Boiler's clever lace tape that was such a big hit last year:


Fred Flare makes some pretty cool packing tape as well:


The "stampage" wallet by DB Clay:

Yes, I love it. But it's safe to say that if you're reading this you already knew that. Here's the same one in black-on-black, and way less impressive:

That has to just be a bad picture, right?

Not too crazy about the gray, either:

Uh, wait a minute. HOLD THE PHONE!


I'm a little on the fence about this one:

These two? Eh, not so much:

But here's another one I like:

God, I can't get a handle on this guy at all. Take a look at the rest of his

The wallets I linked to are so unique, flashy but in a curiously restrained way, but the rest of his (?) wallets are just grody and pedestrian...they look like something you would get at Fossil, for Christ's sake.