Wednesday, November 14

Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star® Luxe Herringbone Ox

Wait...wha-wha-WHAT!? Chuck Taylors in a HERRINGBONE TWEED?

I feel like I'm dreaming...but I'm totally not, 'cause I'm wearing a pair RIGHT NOW!


*I swear to God this really happened.* I wanted to put them on right away and throw away the old beat-up shoes I was wearing, partly because I walked to the Quarter and didn't really want to carry anything I didn't have to, but mostly so I could have them on as soon as possible.

I was sitting on a low wall beside Urban Outfitters ($45, no half sizes available) lacing them up, when two roving garbagemen came by, sweeping up the sidewalk.

GUY 1: Those are TIGHT.
JOHNNY: (beaming) Thank you so much!
GUY 2: What are those? Converses?
GUY 1: They Converses, yeah, but they SOPHISTICATED.