Thursday, November 15


Here are some utterly retarded tidbits about The Killers:

Ha!: "In 2001, Brandon Flowers was abandoned by the first band that he was in..."

This did not happen: "He was rejected by a potential guitarist who claimed that 'this "Duran Duran' crap wasn't going to go anywhere.'"

This really did not happen: "After gaining his fame, Flowers was waited on by that same guitarist in a Las Vegas restaurant." (And then when he asked the puzzled manager about it, he was told that the guitarist/waiter no longer worked there, having killed himself...exactly one year ago that night!)

Not a problem!: "In August, Brandon Flowers announced at Belfast's T Vital Festival that their performance would be the last time songs from 'Sam's Town' would be played in Europe."

Oooooh, BURN: "Panic! at the Disco made an appearance on Total Request Live, and made it appear that they don't hold a grudge against the Killers, saying that they 'love the new album.'"

Rehearsing for his next career?: "Flowers has claimed that Green Day's politically driven concept album American Idiot displays 'calculated Anti-Americanism.' He has problems with the album content itself and also the fact that the band's recent live DVD, Bullet in a Bible, was filmed overseas. He said, 'I just thought it was really cheap. To go to a place like England or Germany and sing that song - those kids aren't taking it the same way that he meant it. And he knew it.'"

Wait for it, wait for it...: "He went on to say that he feels The Killers' most recent release, Sam's Town, is a much more accurate representation of American culture."