Friday, November 16


The other day I was at Subway, and a (black) teenager was telling the (black) teenager who was making my sandwich about his new "mic name"...

Kid: NYC.

Subway Kid: NYC? You from New Orleans, bro.

Kid: Naw, naw. It stands for "New Young Carter." NYC.

Subway Kid: You can't call yourself Young Carter! Are you crazy?

Kid: I'm not...I'm NEW Young Carter.

Subway Kid: You can't call yourself New Young Carter. You can't just steal somebody's name. That's like me calling myself Jay-Z II.

[Johnny LLOLs, causing a long awkward pause between the two kids.]

Kid: [quietly] I'm not stealing his name, I'm honoring it. [pause] He stole MY name.

Subway Kid: He did not.

Kid: He did! I was Young Carter, and he stole it.

Johnny: [chuckling] Well, if he stole your name, wouldn't you be Old Young Carter?

[Dead silence]