Wednesday, December 12

Affluenza: December 12

Giant, fully animated, Pac-Man Christmas Tree in downtown Madrid. Man, people in whatever country Madrid is in sure do love Pac-Man!

"Sneaker companies are offering shoes with yellowed soles and stains to denote a vintage, worn feel."

Ordinarily I detest clothing with logos, especially the logos of multinational corporations, but I might make an exception for this shirt.

Things That I Have Worn Around My Neck And Then Subsequently Eaten

What's more depressing: that this isn't a joke or that it's sold-out?

The ceramics of Megan Bogonovich.

I'm not too big on luxury watches...not because I'm not superficial (duh), just that I think they're too flashy and ostentatious and noveau riche to be truly stylish. Mostly I think there are way better things to spend that much money on. (I'll admit this probably betrays my middle-lower-middle-class upbringing.) Like a bespoke suit or hand-tooled shoes or that $250 version of Settlers none of you got me last Christmas. Having said THAT, though, I absolutely love this men's Chanel J12 watch, with a band made of white ceramic!



Go here to see all the other watches in the J12 line, but be warned: all the rest are either ugly (the black ones) or gaudy (the gem-encrusted ones). Oh, and PS: if those first two links didn't work, go to the third link and find model #h0968 and #h1007.

Until further notice, though, the official watch of Affluenza is the Mondaine Swiss Railway Watch.

A clever gold brick doorstop. "The date inscribed on each bar refers to the day that women were finally admitted to the London Stock Exchange in 1973." Uh...okay. Whatever.

Seen in Esquire UK: El Casco Office Supplies. I want every single thing they sell. (In chrome, though...I'm not GREEDY.)


Zuza Made prints. (nsfw) Be sure to click on each preview picture three times.

The Keep Calm And Carry On guy has a bunch of new products. They all suck, though.

The Raftman's Razor, a short film by
Keith Bearden.

Robin Rosenthal's Poster For Kids.

Carter Hodgkin and J. Tarbell use computer codes to model collisions of subatomic particles with beautiful results.

Jackson Pollock

Bembo's Zoo

Texture Replacement Of Garments In Monocular Video Sequences

For some reason, Bloomingdale's is selling one of your grandmother's old chairs...

"This bad ass looking helmet will scare the crap out of any onlooker..."

The illustrations of Alberto Cerriteno

A neat behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a commercial composite shot. This won't blow you away, but it's an interesting peak at what goes into a magazine ad.

The (incredible!) stop-motion photography of Martin Klimas. (I especially like the kung-fu figurines.)

Finally, Jill Greeberg's portraits of monkeys, bears, crying toddlers, and more monkeys.