Thursday, December 13

Cajun Sparkle

-Apparently you can buy a wooden crate full of 40 Ralph Lauren polos.

-Great article about the show Cavemen (no, really) and how fickle pop culture can be.

-Make your own Popeye's Cajun Sparkle. (Yes, "Cajun Sparkle" would have been a better name for this blog.)

-Karl Lagerfeld, having conquered the world of fashion, creates log! One that comes in a mirrored box and ships with a little axe to cut it with! (I love the expression on that baker's face, because it's pretty much exactly the face I'd be making if Karl Lagerfeld were standing there in front of me: equal parts awe and trying-not-to-bust-a-gut.)

-This is a good time to repost this awesome New Yorker profile of Lagerfeld which achieves the seemingly contradictory goal of making the designer seem fascinating, admirable, and even sympathetic, as well as ten times crazier than we already suspected. Seriously, there's a pull-quote in every paragraph.

-An interview with the designer of the Sony PCM-D1, an utterly gorgeous field recorder.

-Made in ENGLAND by Gentlemen features a super-cute boy / girl sizing chart that you can print out and exchange with your boyfriend or girlfriend, so that he or she knows your sizes and preferences. (Don't miss the favicon, either...)

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