Saturday, December 22

Eh, it's still better than Catherine Zeta-Jones

That fucking T-Mobile commercial.

"Hoops or dangly?"
"I like dangly."

Is that honestly what guys in commercials look like now? Unshaven and dewlapped, with greasy floppy hair? And wearing a baggy untucked shirt and I think shorts? He quite literally looks like he was woken up in the middle of the night during a camping trip to make this commercial.

It's actually a bit disconcerting: it's no secret that advertisers feature actors that represent not what their consumers are, but what they think they are or want to be. So this poses the question: is this what they think their customer's self-image is? A sour lumpen wreck who clearly hates his girlfriend and seems to think that if she buys a blue Blackberry it's the last one ever made and he'll never get one?

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