Tuesday, December 11

Esquire UK

A few quick notes about this issue of the UK edition of Esquire I bought at the airport the other day:

-There was an ad for an (ugly) luxury watch, which had a really cool feature: a life-size replica of the watch that was perforated, so you could tear it out and wrap it around your wrist and see what it looked like on your arm. It was a super-great idea: I immediately put it on and was like "it's not THAT ugly..." I was sorta tempted to tape it up and wear it around that day. "It's my new luxury watch! Jealous?"

-Apparently, the British slang for 'umbrella' is 'brolly.' Noted!

-This is the coolest part of the magazine, though. If you subscribe, the copy that comes to you through the mail is different from the one you get at the "chemist's" (cor!). The subscription version doesn't have any of the headlines, just the cover photograph and the logo. It looks very elegant, like ArtForum or early issues of Interview. What a great incentive to subscribe! I wonder if this is common in the UK...