Friday, December 7

No, it wasn't from me, you cad...

Here's a cute Yahoo Answers question from a 12-year-old girl:

"Does anyone know some simple yet not obvious magic tricks I can do? Well, I'm doing magic now, because I've been inspired by Criss Angel. I think he's awesome. I know like almost 10 tricks, and I've learned those in 1 night. I'm really getting into magic! I'm 12 and I catch on quite easily. So kinda make it something I can understand, and do easily, without making it obvious for my audience. So far I've impressed my grandmother and my mom. I can do, 1. Disappearing toothpick 2. Coin through a bottle. and lots more!!! Please help!! I LOVE MAGIC!!"

And here's the inevitable and super-creepy first response: "give me your email address and ill send one to you"