Wednesday, January 2

Affluenza: January 2

An Open Flame Is The New Bowl Of Rocks, part of a continuing series:

Perfect for kids' rooms!


Ikea's $35 bed:


I like this bookcase OK, but I sorta wish it were just a real picture frame:


Random, hilarious photobooth portraits of barnyard animals:


Glänta, by Johan Carpner:

My 2008 wish is that huge overhead lamps become a thing. (This one is a meter across!)


Wanna see a gorgeous, mind-blowing wristwatch utterly destroyed by a logo?

I've never understood why we tolerate logos on watches (and wall clocks) when we'd NEVER allow a logo on an item of comparable price. This Seiko watch costs nine hundred bucks...can you imagine spending almost a grand on anything with a giant logo on it?


The Reveal lamp projects the shadow of gently swaying tree limbs against your wall:


Plus Minus Zero's Aromatic Humidifier, designed by Naoto Fukusawa:

I've been seeing this for a couple of years now, and I'll admit it's gorgeous.

But...honestly, I'm not trying to be childish, I'm really not, but the design already looks sorta giggle-inducing, and then the idea of steam shooting out of the sphincter is just too much.


A table featuring a 3D map of Baghdad. For some reason.

Forty large!


I'm not kidding: THIS is how you sell a kitchen appliance to a dude. You make it look appealingly plain, like a piece of laboratory equipment from 1954, then you add a useless but too cool component to it. Like this sorta gorgeous and super-masculine (for once I mean that in a good way) blender that comes with a tachometer:


Chiasso's super-cute fruit holder:

Speaking of Chiasso, they have tons of stuff half off right now:


Denis Darzacq's photographs of levitators:


A solid oak coffee table with a cool magazine storage solution, all for under $160:

Oh, wait...I just realized that's $160 in loonies. Still, this is a great deal, and the table only kinda looks like a window shutter. I'm sure nobody will notice. No, really. It's fine.

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gigi said...

Hello Baby Ruthless,

Thanks for including me in your Affluenza post. It's very encouraging, especially if you aren't making fun of what I wrote about!

Did you have to look up the word "soigne" because of Project Runway?

Did Angelo Brocato's ever reopen after the disaster?

Have fun with your blog! :)