Monday, January 14

"Lori, I will never stop this."

[Today I thought I'd mix things up a little and post a link to a New Yorker article. Heh.]

The so-called (and incorrectly-called) MySpace Suicide Hoax has been percolating in the news for a few months now, yet it hasn't quite burst through to the national consciousness. There are probably a lot of reasons for this--there's no ongoing court case to feed viewers' interest, for one--but I also think that the story is just so utterly heartbreaking, so unspeakably devastating, that it's hard to pay attention to it for long. We want to flinch and look away.

I wish this article had been longer, and featured more original findings, but it's an admirable overview of the tragedy. I was even tempted to wait a few days before posting this, because if you haven't heard the story it will probably ruin your week. Sorry.

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