Wednesday, February 13

Affluenza: February 13

Get out the smelling salts, these two-tone boot are about to knock you right the fuck out:


Roman Candles:


John Denver's dresser now for sale:


It's A Log You Idiots, part of a continuing series:

(I actually really like this second one. Massive!)


Affluenza, definition of: mattresses from Vera Wang...


Drop dead gorgeous suitcases from Alstermo Bruks:

I could not want these more.


I'm not sure if making the front slanty counts as a "toaster concept," but here's GE Houseware's attempt:

Hey, GE! *This* is how you fuck up a toaster:


CoutureLabs' cool leather coat rest:

1 comment:

gigi said...

Aw Johnny,

How come you don't like that Italian toaster? It never did nothin' to you (double negative)!

Love, Gigi