Wednesday, February 20


The venerable Something Awful has an occasional feature called Fashion SWAT, which began as two guys riffing on ridiculous haute couture and has morphed into two guys riffing on "street fashion" sites like The Sartorialist:

Yeah, a lot of it is shooting fish in a barrel, but their snark can be pretty quotable ("I would have to define this look as timeless. There is no time where looking like this has ever been appropriate.") and in general it's a lot smarter than one would expect from an SA product.

Recommended If You: used to love Vice's Do's and Don'ts, but feel like they've become lazy and inscrutable. [Vice recently ran a Do that was just a picture from one of their own fashion spreads...what the hell?]

Anyway, recently they took on Hel-Looks, a street fashion site chronicling the looks on the street of Helsinki:

Anyway, I told you all that to point out their take on Petja, "the most awesome motherfucker I have ever seen" who designs and makes his own clothes:

Everything about this--from the guy himself to the hilarious commentary--blows me away.

[Thanks, Molly!]

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