Thursday, March 13

The academic citation was a nice touch...

[A sign in the bathroom of San Francisco pizza place Little Star.]


Whether or not it says so in so many words, the fuck you message is implicit in the use of graffiti as communication. The medium itself implies alienation, discontentment, marginality, repression, resentment, rebellion: no matter what it says, graffiti always implies a "fuck you". Though addressing the larger society in this contemptuous manner may be a secondary or even tertiary element of the graffiti writer's agenda, this element always lurks in the background of every graffito on every wall. (Phillips 1999:23)

Honestly we rather you give us the finger on the way out than destroy our mirror, garbage can, and walls.
And we already have enough graffiti on our walls.

With love,
Little Star


And here's a similar note asking the political artist who tagged a public school to contribute to its repainting:

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