Wednesday, March 12

Affluenza: March 12

When I first saw "Campfire by Klein/Reid" pop up in my RSS reader, I was excited, sure that we'd have a new entry for An Open Flame Is A New Bowl Of Rocks.

Sadly, this doesn't feature an open flame, but nevertheless it's still mindblowingly stupid:

Okay, remember a few months ago, when I was talking about "organic minimalism," where rocks and twigs are used as decorating motifs? Klein/Reid just took it to a whole 'nother level: now you can decorate your home in overpriced and meticulous CERAMIC REPRODUCTIONS of rocks and twigs.

Bravo, Klein/ truly have transcended the dominant paradigm.


More fake wood:


Now this is more like it. It's A Log You Idiots, part of a continuing series:

From the same company, I looove these bowls:

Imagine how great they would look filled with Boo Berry and chocolate milk...


Ornamental Drain Catchers:


Double-walled bottle by Roman Gauthrot:


Marimekko's spring 2008 pattern collection was just released:


Remember a couple weeks ago when I featured those weird candles that were in the shape of a classical statue and oh yeah also eight hundred dollars?

Here's the crayon version. For some reason.

So are neo-classical statues a new trend? I suppose we'll see, but how tacky if it's true. Guess I'll break out my Beethoven bust and put a pair of Ray-Bans on it. That always KILLS.


All the design blogs have been going ape over this plastic moon you hang on your wall, but can I remind everyone that it's basically one tiny step above putting glow in the dark stars on your dorm room ceiling?

How hard would it have been to put a digital clock on the back so that it automatically knows what phase the moon is in?

"Shines just like the real thing." Oh really, Resto? It reflects the light of of the sun?


Another thing the design blogs have featured prominently this week is this stamp, and I don't get it:

At first I thought it was a pretty hilarious dis, like you'd use that stamp when someone was being inappropriately TMI with you. Like if someone sent you a letter all about their relationship troubles, you could just hit it with the stamp and send it back to them. Pwned!

But I don't guess that's what this actually is. Maybe it's supposed to be used on thank you cards, but who says "thank you for sharing" after they get a gift? The wording is awkward.

Or maybe it really IS for when someone shares some personal information with you, and you want to thank them for that. But is a rubber stamp the way to go about it? And wouldn't the recipient assume you were being a sarcastic asshole?

So I ask you, readers: what is the point of this thing?


Aruga, by R-evolution:


The Endless Nile table by Karim Rashid:

Also from Karim Rashid, the self-watering planter:

Trivia: Sportscaster-turned-designer Karim Rashid is the ex-husband of Phylicia Rashid, best known for her role as Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show.


"Fornello a gas mobile Glas Gib Gas"

(Uh, I think it's a single-burner cooker.)

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Adam said...

From the Infinite Loop table page, which is awesome.

"Aesthetically popularized by M.C. Escher, Escher himself would be feverishly sharpening his pencil if got a gander of this infinite loop forming table."

Not only is the sentence word salad with the missing "he", but the meaning they were going for doesn't make much sense either.