Wednesday, April 16

Affluenza: April 16

Oh my god, check out this stunning Endovanera casual jacket from David Hershberger and Mitch Mosley:

Look at all the pictures to see the three different lapel configurations it's capable of. "Timeless yet quite fashion-forward" sums it up perfectly. And, at $400, the price isn't exactly affordable, but it's at least surprisingly non-retarded.

Here's a jacket for women with a similarly versatile lapel:


It's A Log You Idiots, part of a continuing series: (Thanks, Adam!)


Temporary tattoo paper for your inkjet printer:

Everyone's getting Affluenza tats for Christmas.


Very clever mirrored tic-tac-toe board:

and a high-design foosball table:

Hey, why not?


A bowl with a spoon notch:

This seems like a good idea, but how often does your spoon fall into your bowl? I mean, when you're not eating an entire box of Cocoa Pebbles out of a mixing bowl, that is? I don't think it happens that often.

Here's another item that solves a non-existent problem...the SofaBOX:

It's a sofa that secretly turns into a, uh, box. But...why would you need that? What can you do with a box that you can't with a sofa? Sit on it?


What the HAY-ULL?

"I don't really think of myself as a designer, really. I think of myself as a professional questioner....with this piece, I'm making people question their assumptions about whether chairs need fulfill a sitting role, and if tables should be functional eating surfaces. In fact, you might say I'm subverting the dominant paradigm..."


BrickArms, the Lego minifig armory with an impressively extensive product line, have released their 2008 line-up:


Every once and a while a product comes along that just gives you a headache. Admit it -- you know what I'm talking about. It's curves and shape makes you forget how to use apostrophes correctly. You don't even care about the ludicrous price --- you MUST feature it on Affluenza.

I see countless modern and contemporary home products each day. Most evoke feelings of disgust, but only the really special ones send me into a tizzy -- frantically trying to figure out the best way to mock them on this link dump.

Enter the Peel:

I know how you're feeling. Migraine-y. Nauseated. Am I right?


Christiaan Postma's Calendar Wallpaper:

Love it, have to get your office re-papered every year?


Antonio Citterio's Flat.C shelving system is beautiful:

Blah blah blah: "[T]he shelving system has [been] designed to house books and technology items such as a stereo and television set." Oh, so it's flat and horizontal, then? Amazing!

UPDATE: I think maybe I prefer the DeKast:


Constantin Wortmann's Cobra Candlesticks:


I was all prepared to hate on Maarten Baas for his useless wobbly desk and his...inexplicable collection of junk:

but I actually really like that first piece, the gorgeous hardwood version of a plastic patio chair.

Boy, these avant-garde designers have such a great goddamn gig: if you don't go along with their stupid "experiments," then you're just too middle-class to understand.


"24 hours before your special day, the Hot Spot™ on the interior surface of your Remember Ring™ will warm to 120º F for approximately 10 seconds, and continue to warm up every hour, on the hour, all day long!"


THEM: I love Baby Ruthless, but what's this Affluenza thing Johnny does every week?

YOU: Affluenza is a twenty-two hundred dollar tepee from Design Within Reach.

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