Wednesday, April 30

Affluenza: April 30

These bird trays are so freaking beautiful and mysterious. They're possibly my favorite thing to be featured here in weeks:

It's weird that they make a reference to the 80s CBS drama Beauty & The Beast. How random is that?


Welcome, new readers. This is a feature I run every Wednesday that I call Affluenza. What is it?

Affluenza is a $4500 bean bag chair made of steel:


I guess this pepper grinder is okay and all, but what makes it a puzzle?

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."


It's A Log You Idiots, part of a continuing series:

I'm genuinely shocked that this is the very first time Anthropologie has appeared in IALYI. You'd think they'd own this series so bad I'd have to just put them in a Hall Of Fame and disqualify future entries.

These Holey Stumps don't *quite* fit here--they'd have to be unpainted to meet the requirements--but they're so fucking stupid and ugly that I have to point them out anyway:

It's more or less a log you idiots!


Now HERE'S a Toaster Concept for has an entire microwave oven hanging off the side:


The Pets Observation Porthole:

Affluenza is everything Hammacher Schlemmer has ever sold.


Even though I'm a huge board game snob who could rattle off at least five obscure mystery games better than Clue--Mystery Of The Abbey, for starters--I couldn't end Affluenza without featuring this deluxe edition of the game:

Beautiful. Now do Traders of Genoa.

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