Tuesday, April 1

The Baby Ruthless Interview: Amy Poehler

BABY RUTHLESS: How much credit are you prepared to take for Hillary Clinton's Super Tuesday victory?

AMY POEHLER : I don't even want to talk about that, I just want to stick to the UCB stuff and pontificate leadenly about the improv process for 3000 words.

BR: Okay. [Pause. The interviewer becomes weighty and soulful, like Mandy Patankin] Ms. Poehler--can I call you Amy?--Amy, I really only have one question for you, then. But...before you answer, I want you to look deep into your heart and see the truth that's written there. That's all I ask. Okay? Great, here's my question: All of this--this...this interview, this promoting your DVD, this mentioning your new movie--do you think you're doing ME a favor? Or do you think I'M doing YOU a favor?


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