Tuesday, April 15

Geisha Guys And British Dandies

Geisha guys are "debonair lads who can be hired for an evening of sparkling conversation." And here I am wasting my life driving a cab.


All of those Buzzfeed links are golden, but whatever you do, don't miss this one:



The other day I was Googling "british dandy" for no other reason than I was curious what the results were. Here's the first result:


Interestingly, I actually picked up that GQ when this article originally ran, and I cut this picture out and even scanned it in, just in case I lost the original. I consider this a picture of an almost perfect look, from the cut of the suit down to the attitude.

I also ended up buying the book they're talking about in this article:


I mean, a coffeetable book about English dandies? Come ON.

It's hit and miss, of course, but the hits are HUGE. I scanned in the best 25 or so, though it would of course be illegal and immoral to post a huge zip file of the images here. (Email me!)

Here's another nearly perfect British look and I'm not even kidding:


I would love to be able to pull something like that off. But I have a feeling I'd end up looking more like this:


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