Sunday, May 25

As for Harrison’s age. The punishment we see him survive. You know. If Indiana Jones was one of us.

Harry Knowles--remember him?--chimes in with his Indiana Jones review:

What's most remarkable about this review is how Knowles describes parts of the film that sound just cringingly bad--I'm yet to see it, and doubt I will--yet he writes about them with such wide-eyed euphoria.

There's a classic Marion / Indy / Mutt bit of verbal quarrelling in the back of a Commie Truck… and when as a combined unit they escape that (not really a spoiler… it's Indiana Jones – of course they escape) Marion says to Indy that she assumes he had plenty of ladies since they last met… and As INDY has cut a hole in the cloth of the truck – and sunlight blazes through it… he shoots her a look… that look… that goddamn INDIANA JONES look and he says in that voice… that world weary, seen everything, been everywhere INDIANA JONES voice and he says, "Yeah, but they all had the same problem." She says, "Yeah, what's that?" And on his way to do shit that only Indiana Jones could do – he says, "They weren't you baby!" – and I started clapping and tears of fucking joy ran down my face.

I honestly haven't thought about AICN in at least five years, probably more, but it's really remarkable how Knowles continues to believe, after a lifetime of watching films and over a decade in "the industry," that a child-like enthusiasm can overcome even the largest flaws of any movie. Followed to its logical conclusion, this thinking means that, if a movie is bad, the fault rests solely on the shoulders of the audience for being incapable of feeling the "honest" emotions of unbridled joy that every single movie seems to deserve.

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