Saturday, June 14

Toe Jam

Here's a fun Saturday idea: go watch Keith Schofield's cute and clever video for The BPA's "Toe Jam." (Note: The video is SFW, but in a decidedly NSFW way. Just watch it, you'll understand.)

You back? When I first saw the video it was embedded on a page without any information and my mental first draft of this post was "I don't know who the The BPA are, but if you've ever wondered what a David Byrne / Dizzee Rascal match-up would sound like, they're the band for you..." Then I did a little research and discovered that it actually WAS David Byrne and Dizzee.

The BPA is actually The Brighton Port Authority, the terribly-named new Fatboy Slim project. I like "Toe Jam" a lot, but the only other track I've heard from BPA is a pretty okay cover of The Monochrome Set's "He's Frank," featuring Iggy Pop. BPA seems to be Fatboy Slim's attempt to replicate Teddybears STHLM schtick, but if it garners results as good as "Toe Jam" then I have no complaints.

You can get an mp3 of both tracks (plus the Monochrome Set original) over at Soulblending. Note that the version of "Toe Jam" he's hosting doesn't include Dizzee Rascal, so if that's a concern...uh, I don't know. Buy the album?

[The photo up there has nothing to do with this, it's just an awesome pic of a street legal bumper car. More in this collection.]

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