Wednesday, July 9

Affluenza: July 9

An Open Flame Is The New Bowl Of Rocks, part of a continuing series:

Extra points deducted for "cleverness."


All-Wax Candle:


Rosendahl Digital Watch: (Thanks, M. Thyme!)

I never thought I'd say this, but I like that animated menu, too.


Mike & Chris make yet another Affluenza appearance with this lovely top, called for some reason "Pacey In Smoked Taupe."

This entry should prove once and for all I don't just feature clothes because I'm attracted to the models. Who's her agent, Jim Henson?

Speaking of iffy models, I also like Heidi Merrick's fall 2008 line:


Always happy to see a new toaster concept:

Still holding my breath for the toaster concept made out of a log, which browns bread using an open flame...


The ingenious Bubble Calendar:



My thoughts exactly!

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