Friday, August 8

Dare I call this a link dump?

Here are a ton of links I've been meaning to post forever. No time like Friday night to clean out your bookmarks toolbar! Livin' the dream...

-This one guy ("Soopafabulous") has been taking pretty neat surreptitious portraits of people at the arrivals / departure board at the airport.

-Remember those neat photos by Denis Darzacq? Here's a pretty interesting short documentary about how they're made.

-Most "found art" is pretty lame, but I really liked this series: Old Wedding Photos Found Near A Garbage Can In An Alley Next To An Old Mattress. I'm going to print this one out and tell people it's me. (Peep the URL, too. Ha!)

- The illustrations of Sanna Annukka. (If this stuff looks familiar, it's because she did the cover of the newish Keane album.)

- I love this Japanese family's photo blog. Just don't ask me anything about it. You know as much as I do.

- Christoph Niemann's enchanting essay about his subway-loving sons. Really well-done. “Local…I want the local.”

- Check out the cool visualization used in this chart: click on one of the bubble and watch it fight its way to the front.

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