Saturday, September 6

I won't mention the missing hyphen or the misplaced comma...

I found this picture over at Chris Dahlen's Save The Robot, and before I even read his excellent post I was totally intrigued. Intrigued, yes, but as it turned out I had basically no idea what was going on:

1. I didn't get the pun about "flat busted," and removing the boob joke makes the shirt quite a bit more poignant. I just read it like "I may be poor, but at least I have a little money to have a good time on Saturday night."

2. I didn't realize that the picture was from the past. Look at it: it looks like an American Apparel ad, or the first shot in a Richard Kern spread.

3. I didn't realize it was Sarah Palin.

So...pretty much a miss all around. Speaking of Ms. Palin:

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