Thursday, November 6

Affluenza: November 6

The Boogie Man Rug puts monsters under your kid's bed:


MOMA is doing a couple of interesting things with bananas. First is
the Banana Bunker, which protects your banana from being squished in

Though, as others have pointed out, it doesn't protect your banana so
much as transform it into dildo.

(Also, is banana squishage that significant of a problem? So much so
that the Museum Of Modern Art had to tackle it?)

Next is the Banana Stopper:

Ha ha! It's a real-world representation of those cartoon banana peels!
You know, those banana peels that were always getting wedged under
doors and holding them open!

I love the Germanic product explanation: "Slide the banana peel under
the door to hold it open and amuse those who enter." Ha ha! Thanks,
Mr. Spock!


The Pramulator:


The Bar At Connaught:


A riddle: is it still a Target lamp if it's two hunny AND isn't
actually sold at Target?

Another lamp I like is the Atlas:

Also available as a floor lamp.


Typotheque pocket calendar:


Gus Modern takes on the It's A Log You Idiots idiots with their really
quite lovely side table:




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