Wednesday, November 26

Affluenza: November 26

Tiger? More like "Aztec Frog Anatomy," amirite?
I wonder what kind of table someone who wore this dress would have in their living room...

Ah, yes.

Don't miss Lydia's comment, either.

These are so cool. I can't find the link now, but Shimizu also made a pair of wedding bands that features the waveform of the bride and groom saying "I do."
 Maybe it's time for a new Affluenza series: Conceptual Art I Actually Like.


Looks like something Steamboy would wear.

Weird, this ish has featured both Aztecs AND Mayans...

Don't tell anyone, but this is what I'm getting the designers at the agency for Christmas...

This is pretty neat, but I'm really only featuring this because of the adorable Order button. It's Perfect, it says, then when you roll over it, the button changes to I'll Take It.

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