Sunday, May 17

Pevear and Volokhonsky really make the text come alive, don't they?

via Wikipedia and, the correct translation of Zero Wing's "All your base are belong to us" cutscene:
AD 2101: War has begun.
Captain: What was that?
Engineer: Someone has planted a bomb on the ship!
Communication operator: Captain! Receiving transmission!
Captain: What?!
Communication operator: Incoming visual on the main screen.
Captain: Y...You!
CATS: You look busy, gentlemen. With the help of the Federation Government forces, CATS has taken all of your bases. Your ship is about to meet its doom as well.
Captain: This...this is ridiculous!
CATS: We are grateful for your cooperation. Cherish these few remaining moments of your lives. Ha ha ha ha ha...
Communication operator: Captain....
Captain: I order you to launch all ZIG units! We have no choice but to entrust them with our hopes for our future. We're counting on you, ZIG!
UPDATE: Don't miss the always-hilarious Wikipedia discussion page about whether or not this translation truly belongs on a fake encylopedia created by amazing gaylords.

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