Thursday, February 16

Belt buckle knives, Hong Kong suits, and designer USB drives...

The belt buckle knife, the "world's fastest knife."

I highly recommend the video, which takes place in an alternate reality where needing quick access to a knife is not only desirable, but a given.


Hong Kong does a good trade in "suit tourists." (I'm not making this up.) Men fly into Hong Kong, get measureed on Day 1, fitted on Day 2, and fly home with a bespoke suit on Day 3. And all for about a tenth of what a custom-made suit would ordinarily cost. (Ex: Wool gabardine two-button, $398) Even if you factor in airfare, you still come out with a half-price suit.

The best part is that you only have to make the trip once, since the tailors will keep your measurements on file.

Now you don't even have to go at all: Sam's Tailor, one of the best, is offering web ordering. Send in your (dozen or so) measurements, he sends you a suit.

In unrelated news: my birthday is in May.


Designer USB drives, released in batches of 500:

I like Julibear. I'm sure you like Vera.