Monday, August 21

Babies With Rabies

El Perro Del Mar - God Knows
I'm totally in LOVE with this song, and I think you will be, too. The video, though, is so evocative, with its very 70s-European-children's-book vibe.

Badly Drawn Boy - Year Of The Rat
Along the same lines, except this video is more mid-80s-French-children's-book. I was always so-so about this song, but the video really makes it shine. (Also, it's notably better than the thematically identical video for Dave Matthew's "Everyday.")

Classic games recreated using household items and stop-motion. (This is many times cooler than it sounds.)

Sesame Street on How Crayons Are Made.

Peter Sellers effortlessly demonstrates roughly ten different British accents in about 45 seconds. (direct link to an mp3)

B+N is an interior decoration company that apparently focuses on trendy boutiques. Their site actually has some pretty cool stuff on it, but none as cool as their Iconic Panels, which are giant wall-mountable laminate panels. It goes without saying that I love Carnaby most of all but I could live with Versailles as well...though in some other color than "I like to kiss other boys" baby blue. NOTE: After clicking all over their site and downloading a pdf, you find out that this stuff costs $600-$1000 per panel, which seems reasonable for what it is, I guess, but a bit out of the price range of human beings.