Saturday, August 19

Ringborg, Mueck, and Hammett

Lovisa Ringborg
I like Lovisa Ringborg's work so much that I'm posting it here even though her site uses that totally tacky "right-click disable" javascript. Normally I wouldn't want to give someone like that the publicity, you know?

Some of my favorites:
Embracing The Tyrannus (sic)
No Title

No Title (my favorite)
No Title (NSFW)
No Title (No, wait, this one's my favorite)
Alice And The Goldfish


Ron Mueck
Sculptor Ron Mueck is currently being featured at the National Galleries of Scotland. Here's some more information about him, as well as some freeeeeeeaky pictures. (somewhat NSFW: artistic nudity and some graphic childbirth images)

Washington Post gallery

National Gallery Of Scotland gallery
Creative Pool gallery
Russian gallery
James Cohan gallery

Guardian article, alternately illuminating and infuriating.

Dashiell Hammett
Black Lizard, the "vintage crime" imprint of Random House, has republised some classic Dashiell Hammett books with some very attractive covers:

The Thin Man
Red Harvest
The Maltese Falcon