Thursday, July 26

Rude Boy

Today, on a whim, I researched the term Rude Boy and its origins, discovering that all three leading theories are phenomenal:

"The term 'rude boy' may have been associated with an extremely potent rum-based drink called Rude to Your Parents."

Rude To Your Parents! That's so great. The next theory is just as good:

"Disaffected unemployed urban youths sometimes found temporary employment from sound system operators. Wearing sharp suits, thin ties, and pork-pie or Trilby hats, they would gain admittance to competitors' dances, then proceed to disrupt the event by acting rude."

Oh. My. God. Is this still a viable employment option?

"It may also be related to the term 'rudeness,' which was used in Jamaica in the 1950s and 1960s in reference to sexual intercourse."

The term has seen a resurgence of late, which has been traced to a cabbie's frequent use, beginning on the evening of July 25, 2007 and continuing for the next four months..