Sunday, July 22

La Fin Absolue du Monde

I thoroughly enjoyed 200 Bad Comics. I hope you do, too.

I also like the guy's prints, even though one of them features a robot hobo (!):


Seven days of outfits in the life of Matthew Josephs, who is apparently a dude:

I'm not *too* crazy about his outfits, I'm mostly just interested in the "seven days" thing being applied to men's fashion. I know it's a staple of women's magazines, but I've never seen in done on an alleged guy.


Andrew English Wedding Band
Commissioned bands are delicately hand-engraved with the fingerprint of your partner and therefore completely unique to each couple.

Gazebo Chess Set

Dream Dollars

Monsters And Dubious Characters



Amenity Nursery

Freestyle Desk

You didn't even know you WANTED a fire extinguisher, did you?

(The subject line is french for "The Absolute End of the World.")