Tuesday, October 30

A Drink Before The War

Holy shit, GONE BABY GONE is so so SO fucking good. It's smart, lean, and just utterly heartbreaking. I'm sitting in the parking lot of the theater, still reeling.

As usual, the AV Club can probably say it better than I can:


The biggest appeal of the movie is the performances, and the really appealing set-up: Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan are a couple in their earlier thirties who are inherently good and honest people, and who love and trust each other. I know that sounds dull on-screen, but they portray it so fluidly and so naturally that it's incredibly endearing. They're like Nick and Nora Charles, except sober and not funny. I hope they make five more movies about them. (They could; this movie is the adaptation of a book in a series.)

It's natural to say "ignore that Ben Affleck directed it, just go see it," but the direction is a big part of the movie. That is, it's actually directed, not just filmed, and I eagerly look forward to what he does next.

Jesus Christ, I can't get over how greatly moving the film was, while still delivering a solid mystery. I highly recommend the movie. (Duh.)