Sunday, October 28

Weapons-Grade Elegance

I sat down to write a long post about my father remarrying when I was 11, and my older step-brother's "game closet," full of all the games my bus driver father had never been to buy for my sister and me, and how the Mastermind cover had such a huge influence on my adolescent sense of who I wanted to be once I outgrew my baby fat and second-hand clothes, and left West Virginia.

But: too bloggy; didn't write.

(The box also had just as profound--though decidedly different--an effect on
the musician Momus
, as well.)

However, without getting into the impressionable psyche of the Bobby Hill-like pre-teen that was yr pal Johnny, suffice to say that the box had almost a profound effect on my 13 -year-old self as Steven Tyler at the end of the Rag Doll video. (Don't ask.)

If you've ever been curious about the two cover models, who they were and what they're doing now, Junkyard Clubhouse has an update.

A warning, though: this link will forever dispel whatever mystery the cover image has built up in your mind. There's no shocking surprise--they're both decent and successful people it seems, and happy--but perhaps they'll no longer be linked to the vision of badassedness wrapped in elegance that has become such an integral part of your make-up.




She married him??!! And they've got 7 kids??


I think most of us are aware of Michael Paulus' groundbreaking work on cartoon anatomy:

Now, a similiar researcher details the anatomy of balloon dogs: