Tuesday, November 6

Fancy Man

The common complaint about The Onion is that "only" the headlines are funny, but here's an article where every single line makes me laugh:



Tina Fey on the picket line:



24 Hour Party People isn't as great as I'd been lead to believe, though it certainly passes the time well enough.

Steve Coogan is really good in it, portraying a shyster perpetually on the make, with half-hearted artistic pretensions that he attempts to use to fill up the void in his life. (There's a great scene where, at Ian Curtis' funeral, he kisses Curtis' forehead and quotes Macbeth, then looks around discreetly to see if anyone saw him, and is disappointed to discover he's alone.)

What's interesting about the movie, though, is that it's not his greed or his vanity that bring him and Factory Records down in the end, but the artistic pretensions he's spent his life giving lip-service to. He betrayed his inner nature.


Unchanging Times is a blog that looks at current New York Times stories and then links to previous NYT stories (some almost 100 years old) on the same topic:



New And Improved Stereotypes:



In the comment section of a blog entry, the commenters are savaging someone they see as a "hipster," based on the fact that he's skinny and wearing an iPod. Finally, someone writes:

"If you have to use the word hipster to snark about this, you are a lazy failure and you should be ashamed."



Here's a Mystery Science Theater joke I've been laughing about for ten years. Regarding a low-budget film shot in terrible lighting and terrible film stock, Joel says: "Every shot in this movie looks like someone's last known photograph..."