Wednesday, November 7

Affluenza: November 7

I find myself wanting to link to literally every single thing featured on Contemporist, a blog featuring minimalist architecture, furniture, and interior

So I decided to cut out the middleman (me) and just link to the site itself.

"This one's a keeper," as Billy would say. The site can be a bit numbing if taken in large doses, but I highly recommend bookmarking or subscribing to the site, especially if you like the sort of stuff I feature here, or enjoy being my friend.


Opus Shelving:

"Can be used outdoors and in wet environments."


Stella McCartney's Funnel Neck Coat:


For a guy, there is no bigger act of self-deception than buying a trenchcoat. In our minds, we know we look like Alain Delon in Le Samouraï...

...but after a few weeks we have to admit to ourselves we look like The Commish.

I try to be pretty populist when it comes to fashion--am I using that word right?--but I feel like wearing a trenchcoat is one of those rare instances where you just need to intrinsically have the ability to pull it off or you'll never get it right. (See also: no socks.) If you have to ask yourself if you're the right person for a trench, you're probably not.

However, I can't imagine anyone looking bad in this awesome Phillip Lim Inspector Trench:

I mean, even brocephus here looks awesome, and he's some Mennonite kid in jeans.

Sure, it's a cold grand, but if you're the sort of person that thinks a thousand bucks is too much to spend on a coat that makes you look like a fucking badass and a stone cold killer...well, have a nice life.


While I was unsuccessfully trying to find a picture of The Commish in a trenchcoat, I discovered this blog entry from an adorable gay black Australian teenager. He makes the point I've been making for years, that Michael Chiklis seems to be aging backwards:

They should put that image on the one-dollar bill, so whenever a dude is feeling down he can reach into his wallet and know There Is Hope For All Of Us.


Jeremy Cowart's photography:


These Obelisk chairs and sofas are pretty neat, even if they would get dated pretty much the second they were delivered:

Your coke dealer will LOVE them, though.


Leesa Leva, Illustrator:


David Friedman Photography: Halloween 2007

I wish this was what The Sartorialist were like.


This retractable-roof stadium in China is based on a magnolia blossom, is awesome:


The Kyle Knit Button Scarf, by Mike & Chris:

I like everything I've ever seen by Mike & Chris, by the way.

Fun trivia: The lady wearing this scarf makes a living as a model. It's true!


An article about Henry Cyril Paget, the 5th Marquess of Anglesey

At the very least, look at the hilarious picture.


Kor Water Flask:

I really like these. I almost bought one at Resto last year, but then I looked into the future and saw it all-but-forgotten on my nightstand, the top missing (probably under my bed), with a thin ring of dried cherry Kool-Aid around the bottom, and I decided to save myself $30.


It never even occurred to me that a hookbox needed to be designed at all, much
less made Mod:

It's cute--I'd prefer plastic to ceramic--but: $270? God, fuck OFF, DWR.

("Works great in multiples..." Nice try, assholes!)


ModernCat, "cat products, cat toys, cat furniture, and more…all with modern style":