Wednesday, January 23

Affluenza: January 23

Thesis Audio's Stone Turntables:

As in, made out of stone.


Sam Hecht's design for the Little Disk, a 30 gig drive barely bigger than a Zippo:

Admirably plain, but seriously: lose the logo, guys.

(Also, nice to see Gollum getting work as a hand model!)


Uh...a mini Karl Lagerfeld!?


Kale Miles men's belt...eighteen large.


Taxi Booties:


Icon Watch:

(Finally, a watch without a logo!)


Dot matrix and message tape:


I always want to post links to women's shoes but I never do, because I don't want to seem like some creepy foot-fetishist. It's even worse when shopping with female friends; oh my god, can you imagine what shoe store clerks must GO THROUGH? It must be more deadening than working in an adult video store. Gag.

Anyway, I guess it's a rare shoe for me to brave the risk of being labelled a foot-masturbator, and here they are. These Marc Jacob pumps are perfect in every single detail:

I hate hate HATE when magazines talk about "little black dresses," but seriously: these are the little black dresses of shoes. For $335, you'll get pumps you can wear formal or with jeans or to the office.

Ahem: In line at Target recently, one of you told me you had admirably chosen to only buy expensive shoes you'll want to own forever. Awesome decision! I can't drop any more hints: buy these shoes. You know who you are.


Prada recently sent male models down the runway wearing "tutu belts" which were in fact little tutus for guys. The New York Times review of the show called them "humiliating."

This is my favorite headline about the show, however: Prada Premieres Tutu for Men Who Hate Themselves

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gigi said...

Those shoes kick ass.

Marc Jacobs can do no wrong.