Thursday, January 24

Little Pepe & Sour Sis

The other day I bought one of those pickles in a know, like the really big ones?

I'd never had one before, but I glanced at the nutritional info--zero calories, zero fat grams--and liked what I saw. So I grabbed a Hot & Spicy one and, later, discovered that it was WAY too hot and spicy to eat. Holy moly, it was like getting maced and kicked into a vat of vinegar. (Again.)

So anyway, here's what I did: I took the pickle home and sliced it up in my food processor, and put the slices in a Tupperware container with the brine. I've been putting them on sandwiches and salads, and though they're still really hot, they add a nice kick to the food.

That's this week's Kitchen Tip from your friend at Baby Ruthless! Next week: what to do with that cauliflower you bought because you've always felt guilty that you don't like cauliflower and swore that this time would be different.

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Johnny said...

Oh, one more thing...even though the pickle had no calories and no fat, it DOES have 4160 mg of sodium! That's 176% of the recommended daily allowance. Although I bet, in retrospect, they're counting the brine the pickle comes in, too, but it's not like someone's gonna drink the brine.