Wednesday, June 11

Affluenza: June 11

"Seasoned Douglas fir coated with natural silver"...forty-two large!

I sorta feel like this is such a perfect storm of everything Affluenza is
against--conspicuous consumption, selling logs--that I should sorta end this feature right here. How could anything possibly be stupider than this? Well, stick around...I'm sure we'll find out.

The really amazing thing is how this has even disgusted the normal design bloggers:


Speaking of the design bloggers: TMI, Allie! Geez!

Thank You For Sharing. It Means So Much To Me.


Nite Bedside Table:


Cool anatomical models:

Wholly Mammoth for the win!


Space Invader crop circle:



The Mangled NotCot Caption Of The Week:

"So hot that not need to thaw food, only adding the Ketchup is great!"


Those of you who've been to a theater with me in the last six months know that I won't shut up about how hot Anne Hathaway's coat is in the Get Smart poster:

Well, this isn't it--the belt and cuffs are wrong, and fug--but it's close enough that I can shut up about it. Phillip Lim, natch:

Color: coconut!


This awesome owl-shaped Japanese transistor radio (with dials for eyes!) could have been yours for only $77:


Famous sufferers of affluenza include Brad Pitt:

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