Wednesday, June 11

Out Of My Head

I didn't write about this on here, but I was really into Britney's last album. I didn't talk about it because you have to walk such a tightrope when you write about stuff like this: on one hand you don't want to seem like the sort of person who walks around spouting "shocking" opinions about supposedly underrated cultural artifacts, and on the other hand, you don't want to seem like the sort of person who's just really into Britney, you know?

However, if you think about it, how could the new Britney album not be fantastic? It's not like she had anything to do with it. The album was a gathering of the best songwriters and producers in the world, people who get paid to make perfect pop music and are very very good at it. All Britney did was sing on it. Actually, not even that: she supplied the vocal data for the album.

So that brings us to Ashlee Simpson's new single "Out Of My Head." Up until now, there have only been a couple things about Ashlee Simpson that I've been interested in, but "Out Of My Head" is a nearly-perfect slice of retropop. You'd be a fool to miss it, and a fool to think Ms. Simpson was behind any of it.

I guess if this were a real blog I'd post the song here for you to download, but come on: you know where to get the new Ashlee Simpson single, geez. But I do want you to watch the engagingly nutso video, which extends the vintage mid-80s sound to a hilariously visual degree:

Holy shit, a talking sculpture head? In the desert? During a dream sequence? This looks like a video for a Jane Wieland solo album. I've written before about how the genius video for Adam Green's "Emily" perfectly captures early MTV, circa 1981, but "Out Of My Head" just nails 1987.

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